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How do I download and install a service release?

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How do I download and install a program update? I installed the update on the server; now how do I install update on the workstation? Build Number does not update on the workstation to the Build Number of the server.




If there is a program update available for your product:

Note: For a multi-user installation, program updates must be installed on the server or main computer hosting the data first.

  1. Select Services at the top of the screen, then select Check for Updates.
  2. Select Check Now.
  3. Select Download.

    Note: After the download has completed, you will receive the message, "Downloading is complete. Updates will be installed when you close Sage 50."

  4. Select OK and close the program.
  5. The installer for the service release will launch to begin the setup of the service release.
  6. If you receive a Windows security warning, select Yes to proceed.
  7. To manually install the update, refer to Article ID 10170: DocLink: How to install updates
DocLink: How do I convert my company data?

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