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What forms do I need to purchase to process W-2s / W-3s?

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Forms to purchase in order to process W-2s and W-3s.


  • Contact a Tax Form Specialist at 1-800-617-3224 to order the right IRS compliant forms
  • You can also log on to to purchase Federal Tax forms needed


  • Visit to purchase forms.
  • Sage 50—U.S. Edition includes Print-n-Sign Tax Forms functionality for payroll tax forms which eliminates the need for some pre-printed forms
  • IRS regulations require that the employee's copy of Form W-2 (Copies B, C, and 2) be printed on perforated paper and individual filing instructions be given to each employee (IRS Publication 1141 Sec. 2.05 & 2.19)
    Note: The format for the perforations should be down the middle and across the middle
  • Sage 50 Checks & Forms offers plain paper W-2s in the required perforated format with individual filing instructions pre-printed on the back


Form Only

Item #



Laser W-2 4-Up Blank Sheet, With Instructions on 2 Panels



Form Bundled With Compatible Self Sealing Envelopes

Item # Description
LW2BK4DWS Bundle - Laser W-2 4-Up Blank Sheet, With Instructions on 2 Panels, with self-seal envelopes


  • Blank paper is required for most payroll tax forms in conjunction with Print-n-Sign Tax Forms functionality
  • These forms include 940, 941, 941b, 943, 945, and over 230 state forms
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