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How do I add a payroll tax field to box 12 for my W-2s?

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  • Add a payroll tax field to Box 12 on W-2s
  • How to include a payroll field in box 12 on W-2s
  • How to remove a field from box 12 on W-2s


Section 1: Add a Payroll Field

  1. Select Maintain, Default Information, then Employees
  2. Select the Employee Fields tab
  3. Enter the desired Field Name on the first available line
  4. Set the field options as needed
    • If a record-only field, check Memo
    • Select a G/L Account if not a Memo field
    • If a calculated field, check Calc, then select the needed Formula
    • If the field balance should carry over to the next payroll year, check Run
  5. Select OK

Section 2: Add the Tax Field to Box 12 for the W-2

  1. Select Maintain, Payroll, then Payroll Settings
  2. Select Taxes, Assign Tax Fields
  3. Select W-2 Fields
  4. Under the heading W-2 Box 12, click the down arrow button under the title Include… and select the payroll tax field you need
  5. Under the title Use Code…, select the appropriate code for your tax field
  6. Select OK
  7. SelectFinish
  8. Now your tax field will appear in your W-2s for Box 12

Section 3: Remove a Field from Box 12

  1. Select Maintain, Payroll, Payroll Settings
  2. Select Taxes, Assign Tax Fields
  3. Select W-2 Fields
  4. Clear the Include and Use Code boxes on the line for the desired field
  5. Select OK
  6. Select Finish

Section 4: Manually add column to the W2 grid

Use this method if you want to manually add the information to the W2. See Section 2 in How do I add items to the W-2 including Box 12 and Box 14?.

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