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Differences in new Visual Process Flows

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If you have custom visual process flows that you created in previous versions of Sage 300, you can use most of them. There is one exception: you cannot use custom process flows that you created based on I/C process flow templates.

In other custom process flows, some things may be different or missing. Differences you may notice include:

  • Tooltips always appear. Previously, tooltips were hidden until you hovered over the element with the tooltip.
  • Text in your custom flows that was formatted as bold or italic no longer has this formatting.
  • The font size of some text may be reduced.
  • Text items with a trailing "end of line" character may be missing.
  • Text items containing HTML may be missing.
  • Animations (such as a Clock) are no longer supported.
  • Some images are no longer supported.
  • Fill patterns and gradients are no longer supported.
  • Some elements may appear slightly blurry.