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Why is there no option to select 1099-NEC when generating 1099s in Accounts Payable?

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The option to select the 1099-NEC form type is missing in Accounts Payable when generating 1099s (Tasks, Government eFile and Reporting, 1099 (USA)).



  • You are not on the current year-end version of Sage 300 CRE.
  • As of year-end 2020, a new 1099 form (1099-NEC) was introduced. The year-end version for 2020 is 20.3.
  • The 1099-NEC Non-Employee Compensation form type is only available on version 20.3 and newer.


Upgrade to the year-end version 20.3 or newer to be able to select the 1099-NEC form type and generate the 1099s correctly. See Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate: Download Portal for the latest version.


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