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Error: "Unable to initialize" when running any Aatrix state/federal efiling form

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Users get error "unable to initialize" followed by the form name when running any form in Aatrix efiling.


In addition to Aatrix reports within the Federal and State Tax Reporting menu, it is also possible to receive a similar error message "unable to initialize dol_wh-347_form.aef" when running Certified Payroll Reporting (DOL WH-347) in the Payroll - Reports menu in Sage 100. The cause being the same as above with Aatrix forms being the issue and the process to manually run update for Aatrix forms to download the replacement Aatrix forms as the temporary solution.

For a list of Aatrix forms for Sage 100 visit the link.


Aatrix forms are being updated to enhance encryption and protection for sensitive data. Certain Sage product updates will be required to allow efiling forms to function correctly with Sage 100 (alternate hot-fixes will be released soon for older product update levels on supported versions).


Aatrix form changes have been temporarily rolled back. Please run the manual forms update from Aatrix: browse to then click the Sage 100 link under 'Quarterly Updates' on the right and install the mas90.exe download on the machine running the forms.

If problem continues please uninstall/reinstall efiling using the attached knowledgebase article, then run the automatic update when prompted.

To prepare for the re-release of these form changes, update to the following versions:

  • Sage 100 2019.5
  • Sage 100 2020.2
  • Sage 100 2021

Please check back as this article will be updated with additional detail and relevant hot-fixes for a limited number of earlier releases.

DocLink: How to install, activate, update, and uninstall Federal and State Tax Reporting