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Sage Account login - All you need to know

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Your Sage account allows you to access the different Sage products and services through a single sign on. (This was formerly known as your Sage ID). You’ll use your Sage account to log in to your products and services. No matter how many of our products you use, you'll only ever need to remember one email address and one password to log in. If you start using a new Sage product or service in the future, you'll be able to log in seamlessly with your existing Sage account. When you make changes to your Sage account (like changing your password), it will update across all the devices you use. Please note that some products are not yet using the Sage Account functionality, we are working on bringing them all into sngle sign on.


Below is a series of articles to help you with frequently asked questions.

Do not worry, if you still have a questions, please use the support options listed at the bottom of the guide.

Visit to see if there is currently an issue accessing your Sage account or service

General questions

What is a Sage Account and how to sign up

Sage Account - I've forgotten my Sage online account password

Sage Account - How to unblock your Sage account

Sage Account - How to change language displayed

Sage Account - How to change the email address on your Sage account

Sage Account - How to find out privacy policy

Sage Account - How to find our terms and conditions

Sage Account - What to do if you don’t have access to the email address associated with your Sage account

Sage Account - No activation or verification email received when using the 'Forgot your password?' option

2-factor authentication

Sage Account - How to sign up to 2-factor authentication

Sage Account - How do I remove 2-factor authentication from my account?

Sage Account - I have a problem logging in with 2-factor authentication

How do I set up my recovery method for my Sage Account?

How can I change my Sage account 2 factor authentication recovery method?

How can I get logged into my product if I don’t have access to my Authorization app or my mobile phone?

Can I log into my Sage account with 2-factor authentication if my device is unavailable?


For further support or product-specific queries, please visit Sage City