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Error: "Missing Massachusetts MAPFML record" when processing W-2

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Error: "Missing Massachusetts MAPFML record: Since Massachusetts(MA) State Withholding is configured as a tax item, a Massachusetts(MA) local tax item linked to MA Paid Family Leave (MAPFML) is also required. Avoid agency rejections by adding the Local Tax Item now. Employers reporting year-end PFML contibutions on both the W-2 and 1099-MIS forms shoudl report contributions on Box 14 for W-2s and Box 16 for 1099-MISC."

Occurs on the State & Local Tax Items screen when processing W-2s


  • MA Paid Family Leave has not been set up
  • MA Paid Family Leave has been set up, but has not been assigned to the appropriate tax field in Payroll Settings
  • Need to add MA Paid Family Leave to State & Local Tax Items


Section 1: If you have been taking out MA Paid Family Leave

If a Massachusetts Paid Family Leave field has been set up and you have been taking it out of payroll, then most likely the field just needs to be assigned to the correct tax field.

  1. Close the W-2 preparer.
  2. Go to Maintain, Payroll, Payroll Settings.
  3. Select Taxes, Assign Tax Fields.
  4. Select Employee-Paid State Taxes.
  5. In the Paid Family Leave field select your MA PFL payroll field and click OK.
  6. Click Finish to close the Payroll Settings window.
  7. Process the W-2 again.

Note: You may also assign the MA PFL company field (ex.: St_FLI_ER) to an employer-paid tax field by going to Maintain, Payroll, Payroll Settings, Taxes, Assign Tax Fields, and selecting Company-Paid Taxes, but when processing the W-2 you will receive the following message:

"The state of MA has no W-2 reporting requirements for MAPFML. This item will not display in the preparer or on the W-2 forms." This refers solely to the company (ER) field for MAPFL, which is not required to print on the W-2.

Section 2: If MA Paid Family Leave has not been set up

Note: New Massachusetts companies set up in Sage 50 2021 or later will have the MA PFL field (called St_FLI_EE) already set up. Pre-existing companies will have to have the field set up manually. Refer to MA Paid Medical and Family Leave - Setup Instructions.

  1. Click OK to the message.
  2. In Local Tax Items click Add.
  3. In State select MA (Massachusetts).
  4. In Tax name select Paid Family Leave.
  5. Click OK.

Note: Unless you have taken out MA PFL and also assigned it to an employee-paid tax field in Payroll Settings, the MAPFL column on the W-2 will be blank. The amounts can be entered manually on the W-2. Please review MA Paid Medical and Family Leave - Setup Instructions to ensure you are having the amount taken out of payroll as needed going forward.

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