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What program functions are restricted or unavailable to non-payroll admin users?

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This article provides a list of functions that will be restricted or unavailable for non-Payroll Admin users. when Payroll Security is enabled, and there is at least one employee whose 5-2-1 Employees record is marked to require payroll admin access.


After you turn on Payroll Admin security, all users need Payroll Admin access to view any but the most basic payroll information for employees marked with the Require Payroll Admin Access option, including information in the following records and reports:

  • 5-2-1 Employees
  • 5-2-2 Payroll Records
  • 5-5-1 Daily Payroll Entry, including time imported from Daily Field Reports, Simple Time Entry, and other third-party programs.
  • 5-1 Payroll Reports, 5-5-2 Daily Job Report, 5-5-3 Daily Labor Reports, including Aatrix reports, payroll queries, alerts, and API requests. (Printed by employees without Payroll Admin access, reports do not include information about employees that require this security.)

Users also need Payroll Admin access to perform the following functions for employees with this security requirement:

  • Updating paygroup rates and benefits for all employees in 5-2-1 Employees l Updating ACA information for all employees in 5-2-1 Employees
  • Creating records for salaried employee in the 5-2-2 Payroll Records window
  • Computing payroll in 5-2-3 Compute Payroll
  • Creating checks in 5-2-4 Payroll Checks
  • Creating a direct deposit file in 5-2-5 Direct Deposit File Manager
  • Posting payroll using 5-2-6 Post Payroll to GL
  • Printing 5-2-7 Compensation Slips
  • Printing 5-2-8 Timecard Journals
  • Updating default rates and maximums for calculations in 5-3-1 Payroll Calculations
  • Creating timecards from 5-5-1 Daily Payroll records
  • Performing an audit or repair in 5-3-7 Payroll Audit
  • Opening the 5-3-9 HR Forms window
  • Opening the 5-4-1 Federal Forms and 5-4-2 State Forms windows
  • Opening the 7-7 User Activity Report (also needs company administrator access)

If Aatrix reports and payroll audit reports are missing sensitive information when a user without Payroll Admin access generates them, Sage 100 Contractor warns the user that the reports are incomplete.

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