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Downloads for Sage Enterprise Intelligence

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  • The process for downloading Sage Enterprise Intelligence has changed.
  • How do I download SEI and templates?


CAUTION: If you use third-party products that integrate with your Sage product, check with the vendor of your third-party product to ensure their product is fully compatible with this release. If you integrate with other Sage products, check with your business partner or Sage to ensure that these components are compatible. 

  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence downloads are now available directly from Nectari.
  • SEI downloads will no longer be available from the Sage Knowledgebase.
  • Register for downloads at the Sage Enterprise Intelligence sharefile site.
    • Click here to navigate to the site.
  • Once, on the site, click Register.
    • Complete the registration form with your information.
    • For Required Brand, select "Sage Enterprise Intelligence".
    • Click Get Access.
  • You will receive a Jotform notification that your registration request was received.
  • When the registration process is complete, you will receive s Sharefile email notification stating that "You have successfully setup your account for Nectari." The process may take several hours to complete
  • Going forward, you will sign in at to access the downloads.
  • You will receive emails from Nectari as new versions are released.

Note: this does not change the SEI support procedures. Continue to contact your business partner or local Sage Support Team.

SEI documentation is now available online at

SEI release notes are available at