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FIXED: YTD Wages are overstated on paycheck stub in version 24.3 after closing payroll year

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You have closed the 2022 payroll and are now printing paychecks for 2023, and notice that the YTD Wages on the paycheck stub include wages from the previous year instead of just for the current year.


YTD Wages are overstated on paycheck stub in version 24.3 after closing payroll year


This issue has been resolved.


This issue can be resolved by updating to the current version of Sage 100 Contractor.

DocLink: Sage 100 Contractor: Download Portal

If you have not yet updated to the current version, you can use this workaround:

  1. In the 5-2-4 printing window for the paychecks, pull up the paycheck form you use in the Report Form dropdown field
  2. In the menu in the top left, select Edit, then Form Design
  3. In the menu for the form design window, select Edit, then Calculated Fields
  4. In the Name dropdown, select the payrec^ytdwge field at the bottom of the list
  5. In the Calculated Field Expression box, you will see the formula for that field. At the beginning of the formula you will see IF(Payrec.Ytdgrs = 0 ). In this line, change the "=" to ">" (greater than), so it now says IF(Payrec.Ytdgrs > 0 ). Be sure not to change or delete anything else in this formula.
  6. Click Save
  7. In the form design window, click File, then Save
  8. In the File Name field in the save window, add _TEMP to the end of the name (ex., Check11_Temp). Select the first radio button for "Save as a shared form design that anybody can use", then click Save
  9. Close the form design window
  10. In the check printing window, select the form you just saved in the Report Form window and use this to print your paychecks
  11. Repeat these steps for any other paycheck forms in the Report Form dropdown that you use to print paychecks (if you use more than one).

Note: This workaround will not correct the YTD Wages total when choosing the Reprint Check Stub option for printing previously printed paychecks. Until the issue described in this article is fixed, reprinted paychecks will show an incorrect YTD Wages amount.

Important: After you update to the current version that fixes this issue, you will need to discontinue using the modified check form you created for the workaround and go back to using your standard check form as it will now display the correct YTD Wages.

Steps to duplicate

1. Install Sage 100 Contractor version 24.3.26 2. From a database containing processed 2022 payroll checks, open menu 5-3-8 and Close Payroll Year for 2022. 3. Enter and compute a new payroll record for 2023. 4. Open menu 5-2.4 and print the paycheck from any standard report and check form. 5. The YTD Wage amount will include wages paid in 2022.