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How to Apply Midquarter

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Steps to switch qualifying assets between Half-year convention and Midquarter convention.


If you are using Sage Fixed Assets Lite Depreicaiton editions, see How to apply Midquarter or Half Year convention in Lite Depreciation instead.
Note: The MACRS Convention Switch will affect only assets Selected in the Asset List that qualify for Midquarter and are Placed-in-Service in a given Fiscal Period.

  1. Go to the Asset List view, click Edit, Select All.
  2. Click Depreciation, MACRS Convention Switch.
  3. Select book(s) to change.
  4. Specify the fiscal year end date of the year to switch.
  5. Select Mid-Quarter Convention or Half-Year Convention as needed, click Ok.
Note: The MACRS Convention Switch will not recalculate the depreciation to the mid-quarter values. You must recalculate depreciation before the Mid-Quarter calculations appear on reports: See How to run Depreciation.

  1. Go to Depreciation, Depreciate to depreciate assets.
  2. Select the All Completed Assets group.
  3. Enter the Current Through Date of the assets.
  4. Check the box for Force Recalculate.

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