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The W-2 and W-3 for the Social Security Administration are not red

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You do not have to print the W3 Social Security Administration copy in red ink.
When printing the W-2 or W-3 from Sage 300 CRE from Payroll, Tasks, Federal eFile and Reporting, or from Sage 100 Contractor from menu 5-4-1 Payroll, Federal and State Tax Filing, Federal Forms, the Form W-2 Copy A For Social Security Administration and the W-2 / W-3 will not print in red.  The Social Security Administration has approved this form. They will accept the form printed from your laser printer and submitted with black ink. See the attachment below for the approval document.  


Attachment: 2023 1095-1094B & 1095-1094C Approval Sheet.pdf
Attachment: 2023 W2 & W3 Approval Letter.pdf

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