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How do I use the Aatrix Efile Center website?

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Refer to the steps below for using the Aatrix Efile Center website




Home Tab

On the home tab you have an assortment of options to manage your profile. Here you can change your password, update your security options, edit your contact information, update SMS/Text Information and Verify your email address. You will also be able to dismiss your reminders on this page once you have set up your calendar, located under the calendar tab.

Companies Tab

On the companies tab you will have to print the eFile Authorization form and fax it to the number listed on the form. On this tab you will also be able to add any additional companies to your profile by simply selecting to “add new” or “add new company”.

In the Company information section you can update your company name and address by selecting “update company information”. In the Contact information section is available so you can update the company contact’s name, email, phone and fax numbers by selecting “update contact information”.

If you plan on making any payments through Aatrix, we will need a bank account on file; you can add this information in under the Bank Account information section by choosing to “add bank account”. Under the Section for filing states, please select update filing states and select the states that your company will be filing for. Once you have selected your filing states if there is an Additional Agency Requirements to file for this state; you will find that information under the section Additional Agency Requirements. With the additional agency requirements, each form that has additional information needed will be listed in below. Beside each item there is a little “i” that you can click for more information; this gives the instructions on how to get the information needed if you do not know how. If you already have this information, choose the add button off to the right of the listed item. Also, by clicking on the “add” button you will see what information is needed.

Inbox Tab

All emails are sent to your personal inbox as well as here on the Inbox tab. The emails you might receive are confirmation emails of your filings, reminder emails and any emails that come from Aatrix’s staff.

Calendar Tab

To set up your calendar you will have to choose your federal filing type and frequency and your state filing frequency, once that is complete select the next button.

The next step is to confirm your filing states, these options are generated by the filing states selected on the companies tab. Please select the next button.

Next you will have to confirm you pay period schedule, once you have done so select next.

With the next screen you will select the last day of your current payroll and the date that the paychecks will be delivered to employees for the current payroll. Once you have selected the correct dates, please select the next button.

This screen will show you the selected dates on your calendar based off the information you entered. If this information is correct, select the finish button.

Now that your calendar is setup, you can now configure the next year’s calendar, reset your calendar or reconfigure your calendar. With your calendar being set up now you will begin receiving reminders for the highlighted dates; reminders will be sent to your email and your cell phone if you have added in your cell phone information. You will be able to dismiss these reminders on the home page.

Filings Tab

On the Filings tab you will see a list of your filings, if you have not filed yet this screen will have nothing listed on it. The filing will be listed by their AFID, Aatrix Filing I.D. If you click on one of your filings a small dialog box will come up that will give you more information. By clicking on a filing you will have the option to delete the filing, as long as it has not been processed.

Pricing Tab

The pricing tab will give you the pricing for our packages and efiling pricing. You can also select the option click here to choose a company and select a package to start the purchasing process for a package.

Contact Us Tab

On the contact us tab you will see our contact information and an option to send us an email from your website.

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