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How do I configure my Firewall so I can download Aatrix updates?

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Tax Forms and eFiling requires an Internet connection for two reasons.
  1. Updating of the Forms and Executables.
  2. Electronic Filing (eFiling) of the Forms.
Either of these two operations can report an Internet Connection problem. The vast majority of these problems are a result of problems communicating through an Internet Firewall.

Firewalls often need to have access allowed through specific ports.

  • The Tax forms and eFiling Updater uses standard SSL/HTTP port 80 and port 443 to access the site
  • The eFiling component uses secure HTTPS on port to access the site

By allowing access to you will allow both updates and eFiling. Occasionally the restrictions are even tighter and only allow access to these ports by specific programs. Tax Forms and eFiling uses the following programs to access the Internet.

For Updating using http on port 80 to

  • aatrixforms.exe
  • updater.exe
  • updater2.exe

For eFiling using secure http on port 443 to

  • builder.exe
  • viewer.exe

If you continue to encounter issues, please refer to and collaborate with your IT specialist to allow Aatrix automatic updates to proceed smoothly.

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