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How to run the Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine for CRM as an application on the Sage 100 server

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Running the Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine as an Application rather than Windows Service can be useful when:

  • Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine will not properly run or start as a service
  • Troubleshooting Sage 100 ERP Integration with Sage CRM problems (running as an application will display additional dialog and error details)


CAUTION: This solution requires advanced knowledge of your network. Contact your system administrator for assistance. Modifying Windows security incorrectly can severely affect system operations. Sage is not responsible for operation issues caused by incorrectly modifying your Windows security. Always create a backup of your data before proceeding with advanced solutions. 

On the Sage 100 ERP Server, in Windows Services select the proper Sage Integration Engine service entry.

For Example: "Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine (xxxx)" or "Sage MAS 90 and 200 Integration Engine (xxxx)". where xxxx is the port number.

  • Right click on the proper Sage Integration Engine service and select Properties.
  • Under “Path to executable:” copy the entire path listed.
    • Right-click in the path field and choose Select All (to choose entire path).
    • Right-click in the path field and Choose Copy.
  • Right click on your windows desktop and select New, Shortcut.
  • In the “Type the location of the item:” paste the path you copied above
  • Edit the location value and delete ‘-service’ from the location (confirm that there is only 1 space before the “-port” portion).

Example of the location of the item:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Sage\Common Components\IntegrationEngine.exe" -port 8885 -dir "C:\Sage\Sage 100 Premium ERP\MAS90\Home"

  • Click Next to continue
  • Type a name for the shortcut or leave the default ("IntegrationEngine.exe”)
  • Click Finish to create the shortcut.

Once you have created the Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine application shortcut, to run as an application:

  • Confirm that the Sage 100 ERP Integration Engine service is stopped in Services
  • Double-click the shortcut you created above to launch the application
  • If you wish to leave the Service stopped ongoing then change Startup Type to Manual or Disabled

Note: The Integration Engine application will run based on the login credentials of the user that launches the application on the server.