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Who do I contact if I have already eFiled my payroll &/or 1099 tax forms

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Contact Aatrix if you have questions about previously filed payroll, T5018, or 1099 tax forms.


CAUTION: Sage Customer Support does not assist with issues related to third-party products or enhancements, hardware, report customizations, state or federal tax-related questions, or specific accounting questions. Please get in touch with your Sage business partner, network administrator, or accountant for assistance. Please refer to our Scope of Support document for details.

If you have already eFiled your Payroll &/or tax forms using Aatrix and have questions regarding your eFiled tax filing, please contact Aatrix directly at 800-426-0854.

Or, chat with Aatrix. Go to and a chat window will appear. 

As a reminder, please have your AFID filing number when contacting them.

Additional information: 

If you have not eFiled you tax forms and have questions, instead of contacting Aatrix, contact Sage Support at 800-854-3415 or via chat.

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