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What reports can I use to reconcile Payroll to General Ledger?

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You can use the following reports to reconcile your Payroll amounts to General Ledger:

Payroll Reports in Reports, Reconciliation:

  • Burden by Debit Account
  • Deductions by Credit Account
  • Fringes by Credit Account
  • Taxes by Credit Account
  • Labor Costs by Account and Job
    Note: Click Conditions, the select Job NE "" and click Delete to delete this condition and see all labor costs by account

Payroll GL Recap:

  • Tasks, Print GL Recap - Use accounting date as condition for comparing bank account entries. This report will show totals by account for all entries from Payroll, excluding Voided checks.

General Ledger Reports:

  • YTD Ledger - Compare Batch totals.
  • Entries by Account - Compare Batch entries and Account totals.
    Note:When reconciling to Payroll add a condition for Application of Origin EQ "PR" and use Ranges to filter the Liabilit or Expense accounts.
  • Entries By Batch - Compare Batch totals and review entries.
    Note:Use Ranges to filter by Payroll or to the batch.

Tip for both Batch reports: Use Conditions for the Accounting date range and Account to compare totals. See How can I condition a General Ledger report to show a specific date range? for details.

Conditioning By Batch in Payroll Reconcilation Reports:

  1. Open the Report in Payroll.
  2. Open Conditions on the right in Print Selection.
  3. Click Add.
    Note: If the Add Condition window opened, this step is not needed.
  4. Index on the left of the Add Condtion window.
  5. Select "PR - Check" from the Index list.
  6. Click OK to change the Index.
  7. Select Batch under the condition Field.
  8. Select the Opertator Equal to.
    Note:Use Greater or equal to and Less or equal to when conditioning for a range of batches.
  9. Enter the Batch Number in Value.
  10. Click Ok to add the Condtion.
  11. Click Ok to close the Condition Selection window.
  12. Click Start or Print Preview to generate the report.


  • When generated accrual entries are made, the amounts may be off for expenses by the accrual amount for that month and in the followin month in certain reports. For example generated accrual entries to Jan 31 and the checks posted to Feb 1, both Jan and Feb will be off by that amount, one month will be higher and the other month lower.
  • The document attached below is for reconciling tax activity in Payroll with the activity posted to payroll tax liability accounts in General Ledger.
    Attachment: PRtoGL.docx
  • If you use inter-company accounting in Payroll, see Why are my Payroll intercompany entries out of balance? 

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