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How do I get the latest payroll tax forms and reports for Aatrix?

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How to update Aatrix payroll forms in 5-4-1, 5-4-2 and or 4-5?


Important: Only the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor is supported for the current tax year. Year-End updates will not be issued for older versions of Sage 100 Contractor. To ensure your software is current with all government-required processing and reporting changes, open your Sage 100 Contractor company and click Home & Resources > Sage Support > Downloads and Updates.

  1. Open the 5-4-1 Federal Forms, 5-4-2 State Forms, or the 4-5 Vendor 1099 screen. This process only needs to be completed on one screen, as it will update all forms needed.
  2. Select Options, Update Forms.
  3. Choose Automatic Update.
  4. Follow the prompts until the update is complete. Close and re-open the 5-4-1- Federal Forms screen to refresh the forms list.

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