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CANADIAN: How to pay the employee for vacation (Vacation Payout) v19.4 and later

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To pay the employee Vacation hours and reduce the accrued vacation due in the 5-2-1 employees: 

  1. Go to 5-2-2 Payroll Records
  2. Enter the vacation dollar amount in the Vacation Payout.

To pay the employee the vacation balance on the last check:

  1. Open 5-2-1 Employees and select the Compensation tab.
  2. In the box for Accrued Vacation Due enter the total amount due.
  3. Select the Calculation tab and locate the Vacation Accrual calculation.  Remove the Rate and enter N in the active column.
  4. Create a 5-2-2 Payroll Record to include his regular pay or not. 
  5. In the Vacation Payout field in the header, enter the amount that the Vacation balance shows.
  6. Select 5-2-3 Compute payroll and Trial Compute and verify everything is correct.  Final Compute.
  7. Select 5-2-4 Payroll cheques and print them.

Note: Because the Canadian version of Sage 100 Contractor pays out vacation using an 'Add to Gross' calculation type, other related payroll calculations must use a Calculation Method other Calculation Method 1- % Gross (Unadjusted) if those other calculations need to include the Vacation Payout amount when computing payroll.

DocLink: CANADIAN: How to setup Vacation Accrual in dollars v19.4 and later