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How to audit Inventory

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How can we audit our inventory prior to archiving books?


  1. Open 12-5 Inventory Audit
  2. Click Audit
This functionality is available only if you have the Inventory Add-On Module. The inventory audit performs several checks to verify the following:
  • The inventory general ledger account balances with all journal transactions.
  • All inventory part quantities are correct. The inventory general ledger account balances with the valuation of all parts in inventory.
  • This audit can be performed at any time and verifies that all parts in inventory and all ledger transactions are valid, helping you maintain solid accounting practices.
  • If the audit does not detect any errors, the message Audit Completed! appears. If errors are detected, you can view and print the Inventory Audit Report.
If the audit detects discrepancies between the inventory general ledger account and the total valuation of all parts, a message appears giving you the option of having Sage 100 Contractor write an automatic journal entry adjustment. The adjustments are made to both the general ledger and inventory offset accounts.

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