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How to exclude an A/P invoice for a 1099 vendor

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If a vendor is setup as a 1099 vendor, you may pay an invoice that you do not want to be included in their 1099 total amount


  1. Open Accounts Payable, Main, Invoice Data Entry
  2. Select applicable Vendor No from look up
  3. Type Invoice No
  4. On the Header tab, in the 1099 Payment section, select None from the Form drop down list
    • Note: This field defaults to the 1099 form selected for the vendor in Vendor Maintenance. This field is available only if the 1099 Reporting check box is selected in Accounts Payable Options and Business or Individual is selected in the Vendor Type field for this vendor in Vendor Maintenance.
  5.  Proceed as usual to enter and update A/P invoice data entry

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