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Paperless e-mail recipients receive the same Subject text, such as Customer Name or Invoice Number merge field

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Other Possible Workarounds:

Enable the Use Lock file setting:

  • Note: This must be performed in each company set up to use Paperless Office
  1. From the Sage 100 Desktop, select File, Run
  2. In the Sage 100 Run Program window that appears, enter the following command for Program, then click OK:
    • PL_AdvancedOptions_Ui
  3. In the Paperless Office Advanced Options window that appears, verify the Use Lockfile check box is seleted (checked)
  4. Click OK to exit the window.


  • De-select the "Keep Window Open After Print" check box when printing or re-reprinting individual Sales Order invoices from a batch.


This has only been observed when running Sage 100 through a Terminal Server.


Per Release Notes for Product Update 4 for Sage 100 2018, this should be resolved with that update.

Per Release Notes for Sage 100 2019, this should be resolved in that version.

Possible Workaround:

Edit the E-mail Notification to no longer use merge fields.

  1. In Sage 100, open Paperless Office, Setup menu, Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance
  2. Click the Message Search (Flashlight icon) button to access an E-mail Message List window
  3. Select the entry that most matches the Document Type, Company Code, Document, and Subject for the e-mails being sent out
  4. Change the Subject to no longer use any Merge Field(s). Use a generic e-mail Subject header text instead.
    • Note: Merge fields are the available pre-defined fields enclosed with brackets. Each form has its own available merge fields.
    • Example: Use "Dear Valued Customer, here is your invoice" instead of "Dear [BillToName, ]here is your [Document][DocumentNo]"
  5. Click Accept

Note: A similar issue was reported when the "Keep Window Open After Print" check box is selected during Sales Order Invoice Printing and only individual invoices are selected to print from an invoice batch (with Batch Entry on).

  • If the entire batch of Sales Order invoices are printed, it works correctly. But if individual invoices are selected to print via Electronic Delivery and Merge fields exist in E-mail Subject (Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance) then it will print first invoice selected correctly but additional invoices will print the e-mail Subject referencing first invoice customer, etc.
  • As noted above, the actual PDF attached has the correct invoice for the correct customer, it is just the e-mail Subject text that is incorrect.

Defect ID

105356, 109801 Main Defect

Steps to duplicate

For S/O Invoice printing issue with Keep Open after Print: Paperless Office must be already set up with Forms selected and Form Maintenance configured for S/O Invoices plus Email setup in Company Maintenance and Accounts Receivable customers have email addresses set up (use an email address for customer that allows email to be sent to you). 1) Using Paperless Office, Setup, Electronic Delivery Message Maintenance add Merge fields into the Subject field (such as or ) 2) Create/Choose a Sales Order Invoice Batch containing multiple invoices for customers with email addresses existing 3) Print the Sales Order Invoice Batch: a) select Sales Order, Main, Invoice Printing, select the Print check box on the Batch, and select Proceed b) on the S/O Invoice Printing window choose the following: i)Select the "Keep Window Open After Print" checkbox ii) Select a Paperless Office Output option that includes Electronic Delivery (such as Electronic Delivery Only). iii) In the Invoice Number field, select the lookup and choose the first invoice number listed in the invoice list. c) Select Print to electronically deliver the Invoice. Note: you may need to choose Print Invoices Already Printed once they have been printed. Processing Invoices/ Sending e-mail will appear d) Once 1st invoice sends email, check the email sent for this invoice and it will show the correct email Subject information with correct invoice attachment e) keep the Paperless Office Output selection and "Keep Windows Open After Print" option and then select the 2nd invoice from the Invoice list via the Invoice lookup list. f) Print the 2nd invoice g) Once the email is sent, check the email and it will show the information from the first invoice in the subject of the email for the 2nd invoice (and others). The Invoice attached will be for correct customer. The merge fields in email Subject are not updated on 2nd and later invoices printed if the "Keep Window Open After Print" box is selected AND individual S/O Invoices are printed from a Sales Order Invoice batch.