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Extended Descriptions no longer print on Purchase order after upgrading to Sage 100 2016

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Default extended description keys are now defaulted to use "0000000000" instead of a blank field.


  1. Open your Purchase Order form in Crystal Designer by clicking the Designer button
    • Note: The Designer button is available if Crystal Reports is installed on workstation and user has proper permissions to access Crystal Designer
  2. Right-click @ItemDescription formula in both Details C and Details D and select edit formula
    • Note: Details C is used if Allow Entry of Expanded Item Codes is not selected in Common Information Options. Details D is used if Allow Entry of Expanded Item Codes is selected in Common Information Options
  3. Click, highlight and delete the existing formula and replace with the following formula:
    • if {@PrintExtItmDesc} = "Y" and {PO_PurchaseOrderWrk.ExtendedDescriptionKey} <> ARRAY("", "0000000000") then
          formula = {PO_PurchaseOrderWrk.ExtendedDescriptionText}
          formula = {PO_PurchaseOrderWrk.ItemCodeDesc}
      end if
  4. Click Save and close button
  5. Select File, Save to save the form
  6. Close Crystal designer and print form


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