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How do I generate a Record of Employment (ROE)? (Generate an XML File to upload)

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  1. From the Payroll tasks menu, select Tasks, Generate ROE.
  2. Select the applicable transaction file and click OK.
    Note: If the employee's ROE data exists in more then one transaction file, when prompted to select another transaction file, click Yes.
  3. Select the Issue Status:
    • Draft: The ROE will be uploaded in Draft status and will need to be submitted online after uploading.
    • Submit: The ROE will be submitted automatically after uploading.
  4. If this is a replacement ROE, select the Replacement check box and enter the serial number of the ROE you are replacing.
  5. Enter the ROE Date.
  6. Verify your company's Business No., contact information, and Expected Date of Recall (if applicable).
  7. Enter an Export File name.
    Tip: Click the Browse button to select the a location to save the file.
  8. Click Start to generate the ROE file.

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