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Unable to select Other direct deposit interface in PR Options for 3rd party.

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This issue was resolved in the following Sage 100 versions:   

  • Sage 2015 Product Update 5 
  • Sage 2016 Product Update 2 


Attachment: 348_20230425124327_Sage 100 2016 Program Fix PR5006T.exe
Attachment: 348_20230425124328_Sage 100 2015 Program Fix PR5007T.exe
Attachment: 348_20230425124328_PR5006T.pdf
Attachment: 348_20230425124328_PR5007T.pdf

Steps to duplicate

Can only be recreated with 3rd party Direct Deposit enhancement installed by selecting Payroll, Setup, Payroll Options, Direct Deposit Tab, and selecting Other for the Direct Deposit Interface.

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