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How do I back up and restore my company data in Sage 100 Contractor SQL?

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Steps to back up the company database

  1. Connect to Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor.
  2. Click Tune Up/Back Up/Restore
  3. Click Back Up Companies
  4. From the Company column, checkmark the company name.
  5. From Enter the location for the backup files, accept the default location or browse to another location.
  6. Click Create Backup

Steps to restore the company database:

  1. Connect to Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor
  2. Click Tune-Up/Back Up/Restore
  3. Click Restore Company from Backup
  4. From Enter the backup file you want to restore, click Browse to locate the backup of the company data.
  5. From Restore as enter the name you wish to assign to the company data (If you are making a Sample company enter that name here)
  6. Checkmark the box labeled Upgrade the company database to the latest version after restoration
  7. Click Restore Company

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