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How to change 1099 Box in Vendor Maintenance

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Vendor 1099 Default Box is incorrect Need to change 1099 Default Box Total is in wrong 1099 Box



Original set up of 1099 was incorrect.

Year end shows total in wrong Box for 1099.


To change the total or put the total in the correct box:

1. Open Accounts Payable/Vendor Maintenance

2. Choose the Vendor to be changed

3. Select Tab 2. Additional

 a. Change Default Box No to what it should be (in the next year, it will begin to post correctly)

 b. Select 1099 History

 c. Take the total that is in the wrong box and put it in the correct box. Delete it from the wrong box

 d. Click 'okay'

 e. Click 'Accept'

DocLink: How to Setup 1099 Vendor

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