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How to install and verify the latest Actian Zen patch for release 2023

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The latest Actian Zen patch for Windows ( has been released on 3/13/23. This patch corrects a known issue with Sage 50 US release 2023 around inventory list crashing and overall performance. Follow the instructions below to download and verify the patch update has been installed on your system.

Please note that prior to installation all users must close the Sage 50 application on all machines (if on a network), and the patch must be applied individually to each machine running Sage 50 US release 2023. No user should re-open the Sage 50 application until all machines have been updated. Once the installation is finished each machine must be restarted to complete the installation.

  1. Download the patch from this knowledgebase article below.
  2. Ensure that all users have closed the Sage 50 2023 application.
  3. Double click the executable file - Zen_Patch_WGE- to begin the installation.
  4. Accept the default location for the Unzip utility and click the Unzip button - once the files have been extracted click OK on the confirmation message, the installation will automatically begin.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the update.
  6. Once the update has completed you will be prompted to restart the machine.
  7. Once the machine has been restarted, open the Windows Programs and Features menu in the Windows Control Panel and verify the Version column displays 15.11.014 for the Actian Zen v15 Workgroup application.


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