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Error: "CLO01 : Incorrect Period" during Fiscal Year End Close

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From Financials, Closing processings, Fiscal year end (FIYEND), Click Simulation then click OK to see the Error log.


Error can occur if the Parameter Values defined for the Year End journal are incorrect or the Document type for year end has an incorrect period setting.


  1. Expand Setup, General parameters, Parameter values.
  2. Chapter = CPT. Group = FIY. Right-Click and select Detail.
  3. Review the GTECL01 and GTEFRW1 Parameters and confirm the Document Types specified exist.
  4. Expand Setup, Financials, Document types.
    1. The Closing Year End / Legal (CLO01) document type should have a Period = Closing.
    2. The New Period (NEWPR) document type should have a Period = Balance forward.

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