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Error: "No T4 forms list available"

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Error: "No T4 forms list available" in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Payroll


T4 format is not set up.


  1. From the Payroll Tools menu, select Modify FormsT4 Formats.
  2. Type a T4 form ID to use for this T4 format and enter a Description.
    Note: The Employee Minimum prefills with .01 to prevent employees with no wages from receiving a T4 slip.
  3. Click the Amounts tab.
  4. Use Boxes 44, 46, 50, and 52 to add any additional pays, deductions, or fringes by clicking PaysDeducts, or Fringes.
  5. Enter any additional codes and amounts in the Other Information Boxes.
  6. Click Save, then Close.