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CANADIAN: What T4 and T5018 tax forms will I need to order for Year End and eFiling

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Important: Only the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor is supported for the current tax year. Year-end updates will not be issued for older versions of Sage 100 Contractor. To ensure that your software is current with all government-required processing and reporting changes, open your Sage 100 Contractor company and click Home and Resources, Sage Support, Downloads and Updates.


You are not required to order a pre-printed form for the T4 or the T5018. Employee T4 and Vendor T5018 may be printed on a blank, non-perforated paper.

The T5018 return is due six months after the end of the reporting period you have chosen. (To change the reporting period you have chosen, you will need approval from the CRA.) If your business stops operating, you must file the information return within 30 days of the day your business ends.

The T4s File by the last day of February following the calendar year to which the information return applies. If the last day of February is a Saturday or Sunday, your information return is due the next business day. If the business stops operating, the return is due within 30 days of the day your business or activity ends.