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What do the watermarks mean on Aatrix Tax Forms and eFiling reports?

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Watermarks may appear on your W-2, 1099, and other federal and state forms for the following reasons:

  • Demo - Do Not File: Tax Forms and eFiling is running in evaluation mode.
  • Expired - Do Not File: You are not using the most recent Tax Forms and eFiling forms.
  • Draft Copy - Do Not File: Forms are updated but you have not completed all the steps in the wizard before printing the reports.
  • Record Copy - Do Not File: The eFile option for this form was chosen in the Printing and Filing Options screen, or the entity receiving the form only accepts eFile.


See the following solutions depending on the watermark that prints on the forms:  


  • Demo - Do Not File: Contact Sage Support to verify your licenses
  • Expired - Do Not File: Close the form preparer, then close all Sage applications. Launch the forms again, and when prompted, follow the steps to update Aatrix.
  • Draft Copy - Do Not File: Complete all the steps in the wizard and print the forms.
  • Record Copy - Do Not File: Follow the prompts to eFile the forms.

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