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Error on downloading Inventory to Android Device

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Steps to resolve errors downloading an Inventory to Android devices.


Changes made in OneDrive in June 2021 required a hotfix to allow the Tracking program to connect to OneDrive and to allow the SFA Scanner app to download Prepared inventories.

Error messages include:

  • An error occured sending the request
  • Download Failed
  • Unable to download the inventory file from the OneDrive folder. Please try again
  • Delete Failed
  • Unable to delete the folder. Folder should be deleted manually. Inventory file has been received, processed and will be available for reconciliation


Update to 2022.1 and the Sage FA Scanner app 2.2 - This fix is built into the to 2022.1 version of the program and the Sage FA Scanner app 2.2 available via the Play Store. For 2022.1 and higher if still getting the Verification Failed message see Error logging into OneDrive to preparing/receiving an Inventory for the current fix.



This fix applies only if the SFA Scanner app 2.2 cannot be found in the Play store and the currently installed Sage Fixed Assets is 2021.1 or prior.

Install the updated Sage FA Scanner app (APK package) to the Android device and an updated DLL file for the Tracking program:

  1. On the Android device: Uninstall the current Sage FA Scanner app.
  2. Download and extract the there are two files in this zip file: com.sage.sfascanner-Signed.apk and MobileInventoryFileAccess.dll
  3. Connect the Android device to the computer with a USB connector cord, use File Explorer to browse the folders on the Android device and put the com.sage.sfascanner-Signed.apk in Downloads folder
    • Note: A Bluetooth connection will put com.sage.sfascanner-Signed.apk file in the Downloads folder by default
  4. On Android device: Locate and open the My Files app, find the Downloads folder and double tap the com.sage.sfascanner-Signed.apk file to install the Sage FA Scanner app
  5. Accept messages and answer yes to install even if it deems it being older Sage FA Scanner app
  6. On the Client system: Close the Sage Fixed Assets Tracking program
  7. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage Fixed Assets\Tracking, Network - Tracking or Premier Tracking and rename the MobileInventoryFileAccess.dll.
  8. Copy the downloaded MobileInventoryFileAccess.dll into the same folder.
  9. Launch Sage Fixed Assets Tracking client and the inventory process will complete normally.

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