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How to force depreciation

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Steps to manually enter depreciation on an asset by using the Beginning Date, Beginning YTD, and Beginning Accum fields.


You cannot edit Net Book Value (NBV) directly. The Net Book Value (NBV) is a calculated. You can force amounts by entering a Beginning Accum amount (NBV = Acqusition Value - Beginning Accum).

Using the Beginning fields you can force desired depreciation numbers. Any values keyed into the Beginning fields will automatically pull into the correct Current Depreciation fields.

  • Beginning Date: Enter the month end date depreciation has been calculated to. This will always be the end of a period. The system will resume calculating, if possible, in the next period after the Beginning Date
  • Beginning YTD: Enter the Current Year to Date (YTD) Depreciation desired on the asset. This is the depreciation calculated in the Fiscal Year containing the Beginning Date
  • Beginning Accum: Enter the Current Accumulated Depreciation from the Placed-In Service date to the Beginning Date

Important Notes:

  • On reports: While Current Accum and Current YTD will show the amounts entered, Depreciation This Run will not include this adjusted amount. You will need to make a journal entry to adjust the GL for this amount
  • When forcing depreciation on assets that still have a remaining life, it may be necessary to change the Depreciation Method to RV (remaining value/remaining life). This will ensure the asset(s) will fully depreciate without a remaining Net Book Value. RV will negate any 168k Allowance for assets using a bonus method, such as MA or SB
  • Changing assets with existing Beginning information will overwrite previous Beginning information.
  • You cannot change Beginning Information on a Child of a Transfer. See Beginning Date is the only option when changing Critical Fields
  • When running depreciation for a period prior to the Beginning Date this asset will not show on the Depreciation Expense report. The asset will continue calculating depreciation (if there is remaining life on the asset) starting the month following the Beginning Date entered.

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