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How to restore a company

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Steps to restore a company from a backup or restore a backup file to a new company name.


In Sage Fixed Assets:
  1. Select File, Company Utilities, Restore Company, click Yes.
  2. Browse to the location of the backup file (*.BBK), highlight the backup file.
    Note: The *.BBK file should be on a Drive local to the Client installations. Backup files on a Network drive or removable media may not be read by the program.
  3. Highlight the Company(s) to restore (Click the Select All button or Hold the key down while selecting multiple but not all companies), click Next.
  4. Select the database you want to restore the company into from the dropdown, click Next.
  5. Restore - Purge History option:
    • If Purge All Depreciation Events is selected, the restore process will run much more quickly and should not go Not Responding.
    • If Do not purge or Purge depreciation events through: is selected, the restore process can a greater amount of time depending on the number of assets and amount of historical information per asset. During the process, Sage Fixed Assets may say Not Responding. To keep the Historical information on the assets, please wait for the process to complete.
      Note: Do not interfere with process. Ending the task presents a high risk of corrupting the database.
  6. Click Restore.


  • You cannot downgrade via Company Backup\Restore. *.BBK files created in newer versions will not restore into older versions of Sage Fixed Assets.
    Example: A .bbk file created in 2022.1 will only restore into 2022.1 or higher. It cannot be restored into version 2022.0 or older.
  • *.BBK files created in Sage Fixed Assets 2013.0 and later will restore into any newer version of Sage Fixed Assets.
    Example: A .bbk file created in Sage Fixed Assets 2014.1 will restore into Sage Fixed Assets 2022.1 as long as it is restoring into a database created in the 2022.1 edition.

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