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Form 4562 showing an incorrect year

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Sage Fixed Assets annually updates its software to include the new Form 4562, with finalized forms in releases ending in ".1" and early versions of the form in ".0" releases starting with version 2024.0, to accommodate potential tax law changes.


Sage Fixed Assets does not have the latest update.


Note: If you are on version 2024.1 and using the Premier edition, see The 4562 shows 2022 on a 52/53 week accounting cycle.

In January or February of every year, Sage Fixed Assets is updated with the new Form 4562. Updated 4562 forms always appear in releases ending in ".1".

Starting with version 2024.0, the ".0" version of the program includes an Early Version of Form 4562. This is not the finalized form. Updates to the tax form can occur if the tax law changes. ".1" releases will include any updates to the form. 

For example:

  • Version 2023.1 has the tax form for 2022
  • Verson 2024.1 has the tax form for 2022 and an early version tax for for 2023

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