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How to run Depreciation

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This article gives instructions on how to calculate depreciation and information on the Force Recalculation option.


In Sage Fixed Assets – Depreciation:

  1. Go to Depreciation, Depreciate.
    Alternatively: In the Task list, click Calculate Depreciation
  2. Select the Group and check the box for Book(s) to be depreciated.
    Note: Sage recommends using the All Complete Assets group, if you need to change sorts or group criteria for the report, go to Reports, Standard reports and run the Depreciation Expense Report after running depreciation with the desired changes
  3. Under Calculate depreciation through the following date: enter the date required for depreciation. Ensure Update current reporting period is checked and determine if the Force Recalculation is needed (see below).
  4. Make sure Send To: is selected for either Window or Printer and click OK.


  1. The Update current reporting period saves the date enter for the depreciation date so that this value will be available on all reports under Reports, Standard reports which use the current period date.
  2. The Force Recalculation will recalculate depreciation on the selected group of assets if the Calculate depreciation through the following date: is the same as the current through date already on the assets.
    • This will result in the Depreciation This run amount to be equal to the total amount of depreciation taken since the Placed-in-Service Date, Beginning Date, or Period Close Date for each asset
    • Only select Force Recalculation if:
      • The Fiscal Year End changed
      • You added a Short Year to the Company
      • You used the 168 Allowance Switch to apply/undo 168 Allowance
      • You used the MARCS Convention Switch to apply/remove the Mid-quarter Convention

        Note: Running depreciation to a period prior to the current through date in the assets will have the same effect as Force Recalculation.

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