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How to sort a report

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Steps to sort and subtotal a report by fields such as class, location, General Ledger account, Placed-in-Service Date, and Estimated Life.


In Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation:

  1. Go to Reports, Standard Reports, and select the desired report.
  2. Select the Group, Book, Date, and Configuration settings for the selected report.
  3. Click the Format Report tab (up to 3 sorts can be selected):
    1. Select Override Sort Specified in Group.
    2. Select Field to sort by.
    3. Select Ascending or Descending order.
    4. Select Subtotals or None.
    5. Repeat each setup for additional sorts to a maximum of 3 sorts.

Note: The G/L Link preview report cannot sort by any other fields except default fields (G/L Expense and Accum Account Numbers). If you need to sort the G/L Link preview by additional fields, use the General Ledger Posting report in Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation.
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