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How to undo a bulk disposal

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Steps to undo a bulk disposal.



Note: Before proceeding, create a backup. See How to back up a company.

In Sage Fixed Assets:
Step 1: Create a group of assets to reset:

  1. Go to: Customize, Group Manager, type a unique group name, click Add.
  2. In the group criteria dialog box, choose the field desired to range on.
    Example: Select the Disposal date field, is, and the date of the Bulk disposal, click Add.
  3. Click OK, click Close to exit the Group Manager.

Step 2: Select this group of assets in the Asset List view:

  1. Go to: The Group drop down box, select the newly created group.
  2. Go to: Edit, Select All.

Step 3: Reset Depreciation on the selected group:

  1. Go to: Depreciation, Reset Depreciation.
  2. Select a book to reset (Note: You only need to select one book).
  3. Select Beginning Date, or Placed-in-Service date:
    • Placed-in-Service will reset the Current Through date to the Placed-in-Service date. This will erase all depreciation in the book selected
    • Beginning Date will reset Current Through date to the Beginning Date. This will remove Period close data
  4. Click OK to execute the command: The program will prompt: There are X# disposed assets selected. Would you like to clear the disposal during the reset process?. Click Yes to remove the disposal information.

Note: In some cases, it is not possible to reset large groups with a single reset. If All assets didn’t reset, use multiple resets on smaller groups.

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