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How do I register to use Tax Forms and eFiling with Aatrix?

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  1. Log on to your Sage 100 Contractor company.
  2. Open 5-4-1 Federal Forms.
  3. From the Options menu, Aatrix Software Registration
  4. In the Sage Customer ID# box, type the account ID number you use when you contact Sage Customer Support (this number usually begins with "4" and will be ten digits long).
  5. In the Company Name Registered with Sage box, type the name you used when you purchased your Maintenance and Support Plan. This is your official company name in the Sage system.
    • Note: To find both Sage Customer ID# and Company name registered with Sage, Go to the Home & Resources Tab on the main page of Sage 100 Contractor and click About Sage 100 Contractor - this window will contain both.
  6. In the Federal Employer ID# box, type your employer identification number, also known as the EIN.
  7. Click Register
  8. After registration is complete, another message notifies you of your expiration date.

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