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My payroll report is blank

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Tax Liability Report or other payroll report has section headings, but no data is displayed. Payroll is calculating properly


  • The report was run for a date range that does not include the date of the checks
  • The payroll tax fields have not been assigned
  • Paycheck entered with a date in past month but voided in current month
  • Voided paycheck is offsetting current month paychecks
  • Latest installed tax service is not applied


Section 1: Adjust Date Range

  1. Select Lists, Employees & Payroll, Paychecks.
  2. Select the appropriate date range from the Date Range drop-down window.
  3. If the paychecks are in the list, record the check date.
    If the paychecks are not in the list, change the Date Range drop-down until you locate them. Record the check date.
  4. Return to the Tax Liability Report.
  5. Click Options.
  6. Adjust the fields in the Dates section to a range that is equal to or includes the check date.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Confirm that the report data populates.

Section 2: Assign Tax Fields

Follow the instructions given in Assign payroll tax fields to the W2 form. Be certain to review the W2 Fields, Company-Paid Taxes and Employee-Paid State Taxes areas.

Section 3: Voided paychecks

See Payroll Register report does not have totals.

Section 4: Install latest Tax Service

See How to check for updates.

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