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How to use the Employee Totals Verification Report

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NOTE:  File names have changed in Version 2018

PR_EmployeeTaxFilingStatus replaces PR3_EmployeeTaxSummary

PR_PayrollHistoryTaxReporting replaces PR_40FederalStateEFiling


Employee Totals Verification report is used to confirm the calculated values of check totals for employees equal the employee totals in Tax Summary. This report lists employees with discrepancies, and employee totals that differ from check totals.

Information from PR3 (Employee Tax Summary) and PR_40 (Federal/State eFiling and Reporting) are compared in the Employee Totals Verification report:

Both files are located in the ..\MAS90\MAS_xxx\PRxxx folder (xxx=company code)

  • Check Total column is from PR3xxx.soa file
  • Employee Total column is from PR_40xxx.soa file

Any employees with discrepancies between these two files are listed on this report.


Review this report before printing W-2 & Quarterly tax forms (i.e. Form 941) forms to verify the correct information is reported to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) & State Tax Reporting agencies.

To generate the report:

  1. Open Payroll, Period End, Employee Totals Verification.
  2. Select one of the following:
    • Year to Date
    • Quarter to Date
  3. Select All or applicable employee(s) from look up 
  4. Click the Print or Preview button.

Note: This report can only be printed for the current quarter or current year defined in Payroll Options.


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