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How to print the Quarterly Tax Report for federal, state or local taxes

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How to print the Quarterly Tax Report for federal, state, or local taxes What information is included in the Quarterly Tax Report? How do I reconcile to my federal and state tax reports and forms? Number of employees - Total, Active, Terminated, Inactive


  • As of Sage 100 version 2018, the Quarterly Tax Report can be generated for closed years and quarters based on years to retain selected in Payroll Options. Due to this change, to generate the report select the applicable Calendar Year and Calendar Quarter to print.
  • When printing this report for a prior period, the Total Employees, Active Employees, Terminated Employees, Inactive Employees count at the end of the report will be the current statuses of Employees. As years are closed, terminated employees are purged, some employees may be inactive which were active prior, etc. There is no data stored with the historical data to report the Employee numbers for prior periods.
  • In Sage 100 Payroll 2.20.2, the Quarterly Tax Report was enhanced to support changes made by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). If you paid your employees any Sick or Family Leave wages to your employees using any of the following the Emergency Pay tax rules;
    • -800121 (Emergency Paid Sick Leave-Self);
    • -800123 (Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave); or
    • -800125 (Emergency Paid Sick Leave - Others)

The IRS added lines for these taxes on the 941 Form for 2020. To be consistent with the way amounts are reported on the 941 form, the following will occur:

    • Any emergency sick or family leave wages paid under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) that are subject to Medicare tax are combined with your regular Medicare wages on the Quarterly Tax Report. The combined Medicare wages are the taxable Medicare wages that are reported on Form 941 Form, Line 5c, Column 1 (Taxable Medicare wages & tips).

The Social Security taxes that are associated with any of these emergency pay tax rules are not combined. These will print separately at the end of the Federal Taxes section on the Quarterly Tax Report.

  • The employee sick leave wages that will be reported on the 941 Form, line 5a(i) (Qualified sick leave wages) will print under the following federal tax groups: (Note: you will need to take the combined total of these wage to reconcile to the amount on the 941 Form.)
    • FSOCEPSLSWH Federal Social Security Tax EPSLS Withholding
    • FSOCEPSLOWH Federal Social Security Tax EPSLO Withholding
  • The employee family leave wages that will be reported on the 941 Form, line 5a(ii) (Qualified family leave wages) will print under the following federal tax group:
    • FSOCEPFMLWH Federal Social Security Tax EPFML Withholding

For additional information on these tax changes, see knowledgebase article "My Qualified wages for the Employee Retention Credit and Sick and Family Leave credit are missing on the 941 form."



The Quarterly Tax Report produces a summary of each employee's wage and tax information for the current quarter and year for each tax jurisdiction. When the Quarterly Tax Report is printed for the fourth quarter, all employees with any earnings for the year are included on the report. This report should be used to assist in reconciling your W2/W3 forms, quarterly 941 form and applcable State quarterly tax forms.

You can print this report for all employees or a range of employees. Federal tax information prints first, followed by state and, if applicable, local information. If your Payroll is departmental, subtotals are provided by department. If there is at least one employee with an Earned Income Credit (EIC) or taxable tips reported, EIC information and tip earnings print following the federal taxes information. For each employee, a recap of taxable tips reported, tips deemed to be wages, EIC, and allocated tips is provided.

The State Totals amounts print on the final page of the state report; the State Totals columns reflect the sum of all states for which there are wages recorded.

Note: For employees reporting tip wages, Social Security (FICA) tips and Social Security (FICA) tip tax amounts will print separately under the Taxes Withheld column in the report.

TIP: See Additional Information below.

  1. Open Payroll, Reports, Quarterly Tax Report.
  2. If applicable, clear the appropriate check boxes for 'Print Federal Data', 'Print State Data', or 'Print Local Data'.
    • Example: To print the Federal Quarterly Tax Report only, clear the 'Print State Data' and 'Print Local Data' check boxes.
  3. Click the Print or Preview button.

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