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How do I create the T5018 electronic file to submit to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)?

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Follow the steps below to generate the Canadian Statement of Contract Payments, or T5018.




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The electronic filing for T5018 forms is done by Aatrix through Accounts Payable Tasks, Government eFile and Reporting, Form T5018 (CAN).

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that all invoices and cheques for the reporting year have been posted for the vendors.
  • Verify the appropriate vendors have Vendor receives form T5018 marked in Setup, Vendors, T5018 Settings tab.
  • Back up your Accounts Payable files. Refer to DocLink: How do I use File Tools to back up data files?
  • Enroll with Aatrix if you are not enrolled already. Refer to DocLink: How do I enroll for Aatrix eFiling?

To Generate Aatrix T5018s:

  1. In Accounts Payable, select Tasks, Government eFile and Reporting, Form T5018 (CAN).
    • Note: You may receive a prompt to update tax forms when you select this task. To ensure you are always in compliance with the latest government-mandated changes, select Automatic Update in the Update Forms window. After the update has run, re-open Tasks, Government eFile and Reporting, Form T5018 (CAN).
  2. Enter the following items in the Form T5018 (CAN) window, and then click Next:
    • T5018 Amounts to Report: Select whether to generate the report by the total paid To Vendor or by Fiscal Entity. If you select Fiscal Entity, you must also select the GL Prefix; the Canadian Tax ID for that GL prefix will be used for your forms.
    • Start Date: Select the beginning date of the reporting period. If your reporting period is the same as the calendar year, select January 1.
    • End Date: Select the end date of the reporting period. If your reporting period is the same as the calendar year, select December 31.
    • Minimum Reporting Amount: Type the minimum reporting amount. Only vendors with income that equals or exceeds this amount will be included on the report.
    • Canadian Tax ID: Type the number you want to use when filing the T5018 form. It must be 9 digits, followed by 2 letters, followed by 4 digits.
  3. In the Vendors to Process window, select the check box in front of each vendor that you want to include, and then click Next.
    Note:If Vendors are missing see Vendors are missing from the T5018 listing in Accounts Payable Government eFile and Reporting.
  4. In the Generate Form T5018 (CAN) window, click Generate to generate the data and open the T5018 Setup Wizard.

Verify company information:

  1. Verify your Account Number, and then click Next.
    • Note: If you need to change this number, click Cancel to close the Setup Wizard. In Accounts Payable, select Tasks, Government eFile and Reporting, Form T5018 (CAN) and type the correct number for Canadian Tax ID in the Form T5018 (CAN) window. Then proceed as normal.
  2. The Company Information window displays information included on the forms you are filing. Verify that all information is correct, enter missing information, and then click Next.
  3. In the Multiple T5018 Data Files window select whether you need to merge multiple T5018 data files for this report. Read the instructions on this window carefully, then select your answer accordingly, then click Next.

Verify T5018 information and totals:

The Canadian Preparer window displays information in a grid. The columns in the grid correspond to the boxes on the form. Verify information highlighted for each step. Missing or incorrect information is indicated with a red cell.
NOTE: Any changes you make in this grid do not correct your accounting data. You must correct the data within Accounts Payable for the changes to be permanent.

  1. Verify or correct each Recipient TIN, and then click Next Step to proceed through the grid.
  2. Verify if the Recipient TIN is a Business Number (BN) or an Social Insurance Number (SIN). If it is a BN number, the Check if BN box should be marked. If it is an SIN number, the Check if BN should be unmarked. Click Next Step.
  3. Verify or correct the recipients' names and addresses, and then click Next Step. If Check if BN box is not marked, then Last Name and First Name or Full Name is required.
  4. Verify or correct the amount in the Construction Subcontractor Payments box, and then click Next Step.
    Note: To add additional vendors, From the Edit menu select Rows, Insert. The

Print and/or eFile your forms:

The T5018 Printing and Filing Options window displays your options for eFiling and printing the T5018 forms as well as the associated costs, if any.

  1. Select the desired options, and then click Next.
  2. Review the list of reports, and then click Next.
  3. You will now see each of the reports displayed in Aatrix. Follow the on-screen instructions to review, make corrections, and print the forms. Even if you choose to eFile, print copies of the forms for your office records. Note: It is recommended you save your copies to a .pdf file for easy access and reprinting later.

eFile your forms using the Aatrix eFile center:

  1. If you have not enrolled with Aatrix, click Enroll to launch the Aatrix eFile Center.
    1. Click Enroll and follow the prompts to setup your account.
    2. After completing the steps to setup your account, on the Aatrix Secure eFile - BN NOT ENROLLED window click I have Enrolled and have my Login ID.
  2. If you have an account with Aatrix, the Aatrix Secure eFile - Login window will display. Enter your Username and Password and click Login.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the eFiling process. Refer to DocLink: How do I use the Aatrix Efile Center website?

Learn more: Visit Sage University to watch a video that shows you how to perform this task. Search for the Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate anytime learning subscription titled Year-end Procedures.

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