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How to configure Office 365 settings in Sage 100 Paperless Office

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How to configure Paperless Office for Microsoft Office 365 in Company Maintenance - Email settings.


It is possible Microsoft 365 will require you to verify your email address after setting this up and testing.

SMTP Authentication must be enabled on your Exchange server for Sage 100 to properly communicate with it, failure to do so may lead to SMTP Authentication errors. See for more information.



Note: There are numerous different server programs and providers that provide the services of an SMTP e-mail server. Sage does not test Sage 100 with all e-mail services/programs/providers. Sage 100 Customer Support is not responsible for knowing the exact combination of program or provider, security or permission settings, inbound or outbound rules, account logins, passwords, bandwidth restrictions, etc. to enable successful e-mail delivery. The specifics of services, programs, and providers are subject to change. If an error is encountered, troubleshoot based on the Chilkat error log information. You may need to try various settings, or test an alternate service, program, or provider.

The following is for informational purposes. The exact steps and processes and settings required for success are subject to change by Microsoft at any time:

  • Open Library Master, Main, Company Maintenance
  • Select the Company to configure Email for
  • Navigate to the E-mail tab
  • Fill in the following values:
    • Address:
      • (Formerly
    • Port: 587
    • SMTP Encryption: TLS/StartTLS
    • UserID: <User Email address>
    • Password: <User Email Password>
    • 128-bit Encryption Checkbox Selected
  • Click Test Email to Verify Functionality
  • Click OK to accept settings in Company Maintenance

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