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ARCHIVE: How to create an ACH or positive pay file for vendor checks

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ARCHIVE: Sage BusinessWorks does not have the ability to create an ACH or positive pay file for vendor checks




An ACH (or NACHA or NACH) or positive pay file is used by banks in process of automatic deposits into bank accounts. Currently, there is no option in Sage BusinessWorks to create an ACH or positive pay file for Vendor checks.

If a .csv file can be used you can use a custom export:

  1. Select CM, Transfer, Custom Export
  2. Select the NEW button and enter a template name for your export
  3. Select NEXT
  4. Select the CM All Checks data source to create a .csv file with desired information
  5. Select the desired fields (For example, CheckNo, CheckDate, Amount, Nschk_PayeeName)
  6. Select NEXT
  7. Add any sort for your file
  8. Select Next
  9. Add any filters you desire. Example: Filter the check date range between a beginning and ending date.
    • Select the Filter tab
    • Select Field Name Check Date
    • Set Operation to Between
    • Set Values to the date range desired

NOTE: There is a Third Party Developer that has an ACH Transaction Auto-Uploader for Sage BusinessWorks for both the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable module. You will need to contact the Third Party Developer for additional information. Contact Sage BusinessWorks Support if you would like additional information on Third Party applications.

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