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How do I migrate my company data from Sage 100 Contractor version 19.8 to Sage 100 Contractor SQL

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Before migrating your version 19.8 data:


  1. If you are going live with the SQL version (v22 or later), all users must stop entering new data in version 19.8.
  2. Ensure that all databases you intend to migrate have been updated to version 19.8
  3. The data must be in a local directory on the server where the SQL version data will be, not a mapped drive or flash drive. If it is on another machine, you will need to copy the entire MB7 folder to the local hard drive on the new server.
  4. Open 1-8 General Ledger Setup and verify that all account boxes under all tabs have a valid ledger account number in them. Boxes cannot be empty, except when the designated account does not have subaccounts. Leaving required boxes empty will result in a fatal error during the migration.
  5. If you are re-migrating a database, be sure to delete any previously migrated copies of that database in Database Administration.
  6. If any Users log in with the built-in Version 19 "Supervisor" login as their day-to-day login, they will need to login to Version 19 (as Supervisor) and create a new login name and password. The Supervisor login is not migrated into the SQL version.


Migrating your data

  1. Open Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor SQL
  2. Click Migrate from Version 19.8 from the menu on the left.
  3. Click Migrate Company Data.
  4. Click Browse. Note: This must be a local path, not a mapped drive. Navigate to a company, (Example: C:\MB7\Sample Company).
  5. Click the down arrow, next to Select a company administrator.
    • Select an Administrator, from the list of users (note that the Supervisor user from v19 will not migrate over - individual users will instead be designated as company admins)
  6. Click Migrate Company.
  7. Follow the progress bar on the left until your company has migrated.
  8. Assign the Windows login user that installed Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor, as a Company Administrator to each of the migrated company databases.  This will allow the user to access the Sage 100 Contractor company databases to perform necessary maintenance tasks. Assign the user by connecting to Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor and clicking Company Admins/SQL Logins, Add Company Administrator.  From the Select the company to manage pick list, click the company name.  From the Select a company administrator pick list, click the Windows login credential and click Create Admin User


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