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Where can I find the latest release, tax update, product update, or version of Sage 100 Contractor?

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You have options for finding the latest version of Sage 100 Contractor:

  • Sage City: product and tax updates are announced on Sage City and include links to the latest update of Sage 100 Contractor.
  • In product messages: starting with version 22, we'll send a message to your Message Center (Home & Resources > Sage Messaging > Message Center) when we release an update. See DocLink: Introducing Sage Messages for Sage 100 Contractor to learn more.
  • Sage Advisor Update: from your machine, you can get the latest update by using Sage Advisor Update (SAU):
    1. On the computer where you installed Sage Advisor Update, click Sage Advisor Update from the Systray, or click Start > All programs > Sage > Sage Advisor Update > Sage Advisor Update.
    2. In the Manage Updates window, click Check for Updates.
    3. SAU compares your version to the most recent available updates and advises whether you are current or displays available updates.
    4. Read a brief description about the update by clicking the version under Update Name, or read the release notes by clicking Version Information under Release Details.

Tip: If multiple updates are available, read the Sage 100 Contractor Upgrade Paths before you download and intall. 

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