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Version 24.1 Product Enhancements to Sage 100 Contractor

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This article provides an overview of the program fixes and enhancements included in Sage 100 Contractor version 24.1 and later.


Helpful and informative videos explaining the numerous enhancements included in version 24.1 are available in the Related Solutions section of this article.

The following fixes and product enhancements are included in Sage 100 Contractor version 24.1 and later:

Branding update

  • The new Sage logo and product branding have been added to the Sage 100 Contractor desktop and applicable windows.


  • Additional Payroll Security (modeled after the job security feature) have been added.
  • Payroll Security is activated in menu option 7-2-2 User List.
  • The Payroll Admin column should be set to Yes or No for each user.
  • A Payroll Administrator is independent from a Company Administrator.
  • When payroll security is activated, the Require Payroll Admin Access checkbox displays on the General Information tab of menu option 5-2-1 Employees. If the box is check marked, only payroll administrators can access that 5-2-1 Employee record.
  • The menu option 5-2-1 Employees lookup window Employee listing is available to everyone. However, the user will not be able to drill down and view a record if not a payroll administrator. In general, only a payroll administrator person can compute, print, and post payroll.
  • Posting Payroll in Summary log file (formerly a text file that anyone could access) is now created as note file only accessible to a payroll administrator. To view this log file, you must recall the 1-3 Journal Transaction for that payroll summary posting, as a payroll administrator person, and click Options > View > Summary Payroll Posting Log. This keeps that information secure.
  • Menu option 5-2-2 Payroll Records > Options > Autofill Pay Rates has been added to 5-5-1 Daily Payroll Entry > Options> Autofill Pay Rates.

Security Groups

  • In menu option 7-2-1 Security Groups a new column named GL Transaction Source Security has been added.
  • The feature allows one to limit security group members to only certain types of transaction source records.
  • The Use Menu Security button will pre-populate the GL Transaction Source Security column as per the security group's F7 settings.
  • Generate the report in menu option 7-2-1 Security Groups > Print and group by source to get a report displaying all security group GL Transaction Source Security settings.

Database Administration for Sage 100 Contractor

  • Attachments can now be controlled and placed in a secure location on your network via Advanced Settings > Advanced File Attachment Settings. "Allow Copy" and "Allow Links" check boxes have been added.
  • This feature allows the user to either copy Attachments to their company data folder where all users have access OR link the Attachment to another stored location where the user can restrict access.
  • Sage100Con\Common will contain an xml file that contains the Attachment link information.

Accounts Payable

  • Users can now edit a status 4-Paid accounts payable invoice.
  • Job Costs (menu option 6-3) and the associated general ledger transaction (menu option 1-3) will be voided and replaced but the invoice itself (menu option 4-2) will not.
  • To view the ledger transaction(s) that were voided when an AP Invoice was edited, recall the invoice record in menu 4-2 and click Options >View Related Transactions.

  • The user can change the invoice amount, or the user can change the job assigned to the invoice. However, the Vendor, Job, or Phase cannot be changed on the invoice if the invoice is already linked to a Purchase Order (menu 6-6-1) or Subcontract (menu 6-7-1).
  • If the invoice is in 4-Paid status the Vendor cannot be changed.
  • As per the previous program behavior, if the accounting period is changed and there are payments linked to the invoice, the period of the invoice must be on or before the payment posting period. In other words, the payment cannot be posted to a period earlier than the invoice's posting period.

Menu option 7-7 User Activity Report has been added

  • Must be a company administrator and Payroll administrator to access this report.
  • Date Range criteria is available for the report.
  • The report will display what the user Entered, Modified, or Voided.
  • The report will only display direct user modifications (what the user modified on the record).
  • The report is not printable.

Twilio Email option has been added

  • A new free email feature has been added to the menu option 7-1 Company Information > Email and Fax Configuration tab.
  • Third Party email provider - Twilio. Does not keep changing its security systems.
  • Free account allows up to 100 emails per day.
  • For $15.00/Month allows up to 50,000. emails per month (4000 per day).
  • Some of the email options, like 'Send a copy to my inbox" or "Request a read receipt for this message' "Importance: High, Low, Normal" are greyed out because you will automatically get a BCC in your inbox.
  • To sign up for a Twilio email account, go to Twilio. FREE, ESSENTIALS, PRO, and PREMIER email plans are available.

3-5 Job records can now import Client Contacts

  • Menu option 3-5 Jobs (Accounts Receivable) now includes an Import Client Contacts button. This will import all the Contacts from the 3-6 Client assigned to the General Information tab of the 3-5 Job record
  • This feature adds client contacts to the job record; it does not synchronize them with other job or client records.

"Important Notes" feature has been added

  • All Record notes windows now contain two sections: An "Important Notes" section at the top and the regular notes section below it. The keyboard cursor will default to regular notes section.
  • Important notes apply to the parent record display only.
  • Everyone will see the Important Note.
  • Press ENTER or ESC to close the important note.
  • Important notes will always print along with normal notes on report printing.

A new Show/Hide System Reports feature has been added

  • Show/Hide System Reports feature has been added allowing the user to limit the number of reports that display in Report Printing windows.

A new Save and Print option has been added

  • Accounts Receivable and Project Management menus now include a Save and Print icon on the toolbar.

Scan Attachments

  • Attachments > Add Attachment > Select type of Attachment windows now includes the I want to scan a document option.

An enhancement for editing purchase orders has been added

  • Vendors, Jobs, and Job Phases can now be edited and changed on existing purchase orders.
  • This setting is in menu option 6-6-1 Purchase Orders > Options > Set PO Vendor/Job/Phase Editing Rules.
  • The user must be a Company Administrator to activate this option.

Reciprocal Payroll Tax feature has been added

  • This setting is in menu option 5-2-3 Compute Payroll > Options > Use Reciprocal State Income Tax Withholding Rules.
  • If this option is selected, Sage 100 Contractor will apply the wages earned as a non-resident to the employee's home state and calculate withholdings on these wages as if they were earned in the employee's home state.
  • The non-resident state income tax calculation must reside on the Calculations tab of the 5-2-1 Employee record with an Active status of No for this feature to work as intended.

Direct Deposit Net Pay Distribution can now be displayed and printed

  • A new table named DDPNET has been added to the database.
  • This setting is in menu option 5-2-2 Payroll Records > Options > Direct Deposit Net Distribution.
  • Displays Deposit Amount distribution for the applicable Account number, Account Type, Routing#, and Rate Type.
  • The Direct Deposit Amount distribution information will print on reports located in menu option 5-2-4-42, 52, and 57.
  • The Direct Deposit Amount distribution is calculated during the Final Compute in menu 5-2-3 Compute Payroll.

New fields have been added to menu option 5-2-1 Employees

  • Menu option 5-2-1 Employees records now include a Nickname field and 8-Retired (to the record Status) selection.
  • The Nickname field is in the upper right header area of the 5-2-1 Employee record.
  • As a result of adding the nickname field, the menu option 5-2-1 Employee Lookup window no longer displays the Street Address column.
  • The Status field in the upper right header area includes a new status of 8-Retired.

Menu option 7-1 Company Information now offers new Automated Clearing House (ACH) File Options

  • A new Company ID from Bank field has been added. Certain banks supply their own ID numbers.
  • To enable entry in the Company ID from Bank field, the ID Code Designator (ICD) field must be set to Blank and the Company ID from Bank field will be enabled.
  • A new Zero fill field has been added under For Immediate Origin in file header record use.

A new preference has been added to the menu option 11-3 Dispatch Board

  • In previous versions of Sage 100 Contractor both invoices and non-invoiced Service Invoices/Work Orders vividly displayed on the Dispatch Board. A new preference has been added to Show invoiced work orders as transparent, under menu option 11-3 Dispatch Board > Settings > Preferences on General tab.
  • Invoiced work orders display as transparent if this option is activated.
  • Hovering over the invoiced work order on the 11-3 window displays the invoiced work order as non-transparent.

New setting added to menu option 5-6-6 Time Entry Settings

  • Menu option 5-6-6 Time Entry Settings > Company Settings tab now contains an option to Allow time entry up to (1 to 9) days after the end of the payroll period.
  • This feature will allow for more flexibility if an employee's time is submitted to the back office later than expected.

New program warning message has been added

  • Run as Administrator Warning has been added if a user right-clicks on the Sage 100 Contractor shortcut and selects Run as Administrator.

"You started Sage 100 Contractor using Run as administrator in Windows. When you start the program this way, the following functions are either limited or not available:

  • Outlook integration
  • Dragging and dropping file attachments
  • Printing reports to PDF
  • Printing reports to Excel

Do you want to continue?"

The Sample Company has been updated

  • The Sample Company has been updated with 2022 year and date transactions.

New marital status warning has been added to menu option 5-2-1 Employees

  • A Warning will be invoked if a Marital Status is not selected on the W-4 Information or Calculations tab of the menu option 5-2-1 Employees record.

Cost codes (menu option 6-5) now sort in the correct numeric order

  • Cost Codes that include a decimal value now sort correctly in the menu option 6-5 Cost Codes and other windows.

Purchase Order record number fix

  • Menu option 6-6-1 Purchase Order record number bug regarding the bracket symbol displaying in the Record number field has been resolved.

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